Happy International Women's Day!

To all the ladies out there (and the men who love and support them) HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY! I know Brit is hardly international (and yes, I also know the "International" refers to the universality of the celebration and not just a recognition of "International" women haha) but I love this celebration meme. Today is a day for all of the women. In honor of the day, I am sharing a list of just some of the women who inspire me.

5. All of the women who get up everyday and make the world better not just for themselves but for others.

Pop culture inspiration: the show "Parks and Rec" (2009) starring Amy Poehler and the song "9-to-5" (1980) by Dolly Parton

Real-life inspiration: the nurses, teachers, public officials, lawyers, social workers, and others who really care about their communities and improving them for future generations.

4. All of the women in business who pioneered despite the hardships and believed in themselves even with others didn't.

Pop culture inspiration: the movie "Joy" (2015) starring Jennifer Lawrence.

Real-life inspiration: the real Joy Mangano.

3. All of the women who pursue their own dreams, regardless of the barriers preventing them and the haters discouraging them. Throughout time and space, they have challenged the status quo and followed their hearts. My life is so easy compared to their own lives but it is also easy in part because of their struggles and successes.

Pop culture inspiration: the show "The Good Wife" (2009) starring Julianna Margulies, the movie "A League of Their Own," (1992) and any song on the "Lemonade" (2016) album by Beyonce but most especially this.

Real-life inspiration: Too many to count or list, a pleasant problem in this case.

2. All the women in politics who somehow balance motherhood with work and still look great and I assume probably have nice clean(ish) houses and always have love and energy. If I listed out every woman in this category this would go from a 5 point list to a 100+ one and it would still be fail to be exhaustive.

Pop culture inspiration: the the movie "Game Change" (2012) starring Julienne Moore,

Real-life inspiration: Can I say "too many to count" again or is that cheating? Because really, wayyyyy too many to count!

1. My mama. She was the first woman to inspire me (and enrage me and challenge me and help me and support me) and I will always marvel that, despite all of her professional accomplishments and accolades, she considers raising me and my sisters as her greatest challenge and also great achievement.

Who are the women who inspire you?

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