Can We Get Back to Politics? (Again)

Today at noon marked the first time in nearly a century that Hoosiers could buy alcohol on Sunday. If you missed this, it is kind of surprising because it was allllllllllll over social media. Truly, either my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances are all drunks (totally possible) or it was everyone's greatest Sunday highlight. For my family, we just hit the local donut store (yeah Long's!) after church but later in the afternoon, on our way to visit some friends in their new house, my husband ran in the local liquor store to pick up a bottle of wine as a "housewarming gift."

The policy garnered widespread support, in part, I suspect because of its more universal, non-partisan appeal. And I can get behind it. I love when folks care about the state legislature and the policies they produce. There are many that are beyond wild (our own eyeball tattooing ban and SC's low-hanging pants fines, to just name two) and there are many more beyond that which are divisive, controversial, and hotly debated. Just because they aren't easy to resolve, however, doesn't mean they aren't important to address.

I am hopeful that now that this fairly straight-forward, generally non-controversial legislation has passed and been enacted, real, meaningful change in other policy areas. For those who have spent the last days/months/years complaining about this issue, congrats, you got what you wanted! Now, let's move onto another issue--I don't even care what, generally. But let's find other things to focus on because, believe me, there are still very important and relevant issues. If you need any recommendations, I am happy to make them. (But I'll wait until you have sobered up tomorrow morning to share.)

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