Life is busy now, but the very best kind of busy. I am teaching a full course load. Loving the radio show. Doing other exciting work in the media. And expecting a baby (!) in April. So yeah, it has been wild.

I am not nessecarily trying to do more per say, but just do a better job of what I already do. Months ago, a loyal listener to the radio show asked if he could catch the show elsewhere beyond the live broadcast. I was flattered and inspired. People wanted that? (Correction: could be "person" since technically only one person asked me but I was so excited that I instantly agreed so technically, "he" and "me" are plural "people." Follow?) I wanted to do that! My husband made me my own little studio in our basement as a Christmas present (I know, he is seriously incredible) and has been patiently working with me so I can provide content from the radio show on alternative platforms, like my blog and iTunes. We are still working on that but one thing I did do, relatively easily and oh-so-much-fun, was design a new logo to streamline the episodes and give the show a nice visual face.

It isn't perfect and it probably also isn't finished, but this is what I am working on. Whatdya think? I am digging it!

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