An Ode to Labor Day

Oh Labor Day, how fun you are!

A day to relax without a commute in a car.

A day in the sun, sitting out by the creek,

While the kids play hide-and-seek.

Okay, so clearly I am not poet. This may be lucky for poets, as they should not fear for their careers (not sure if many poets actually have careers in this 21st century technological market but nonetheless, the few that may, most certainly will not be intimidated by my juvenile attempt at prose).

This weekend, I went camping with my family in Brownsburg and to a family party in Cincinnati. In addition to all of the family fun (and there was a lot!), I got to watch Bama win a beautiful and hard-fought game to open their football season. I tried to use the day as the workers who fought for it would want in reflecting on the work I do in my job I love and simultaneously enjoying a day away from it and living easy with my family for a moment. It is a joy and a privilege to get to do something that I love and that is even more true when I get some time away from it that reminds me to appreciate it even more. Happy Labor Day, y'all! And Roll Tide Roll!

My view from the weekend. Reading up on college football in front of the campfire.

Kids playing on "the beach" by the creek. Pretty sure this water is not as clean as I always so confidently assured my parents when I was a kid but all the kids on our camping trip seemed to love it.

Putting up the tent, before... ...and after (I took a brief pause in documenting to help).

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