Back (in Black)

JK, you know how colorful my wardrobe is.

My greatest apologies for neglecting my blog. It is not because I have lacked material to discuss but rather a result of lacking the time in which to do it. The semester flew by in a busy and fun fury and after the election, everything seemed to go by even faster. And now we are on the cusp of the beginning of a new semester. Time truly flies.

Highlights of 2016:

- most interesting election of my lifetime. some good things, some bad, but looking forward to more public interest (and hopefully productive politics) in government.

- lots of great opportunities. for me on a personal level, getting more opportunities in the media, starting my own radio show, and then getting to do so many great things with my students made the year truly one for the books.

- wonderful new beginnings. (enough said).

Thanks for a doozy 2016 but 2017, I am ready for ya!

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