The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This semester is full of many great activities, particularly because it is campaign season and there are are so many election-related events. Coupled with football and still nice(ish) weather, it is clear to see why this is the most wonderful time of the year.

For my students, we are conducting a voter registration drive (super pumped about this!) called "UIndy Votes!" that is aimed at registering college students as well as our neighbors in the community that surrounds campus. We have also orchestrated multiple debate-watching parties, an event where we discuss the candidates who are running and their main platforms (aptly title "Know Your Candidates"), and of course an election night party where we excitedly await the results together!

For myself, I am excited to moderate the first gubernatorial debate on Sept. 27th where we will discuss educational policy issues and learn about how John Gregg (D), Eric Holcomb (R), and Rex Bell (L). Check out where you can watch it at the Indiana Debate Commission's website.

After that, I am thrilled to announce that my radio show, "Positively Politics," will be debuting at 10:30 am on WICR, 88.7 The Diamond. It has been a blast to work on creating the show and bringing together my passion for explaining politics in a non-partisan way through interviews with the folks who are most influential in it.

All of these in addition to my fantastic classes this semester make for a very busy, very fun time. Here's to hoping your fall is as well. :)

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