Too School for Cool

Bonus points if you get the title's reference to Pink's 2011 hit, "Raise Your Glass."

Double bonus points if you are now singing all the lyrics to the chorus because you got started when you read the title and now you just can't stop.

Triple bonus points if you never liked the song because that would be particularly annoying and now it will be in your head the rest of the day (my bad).

This week marked my absolute favorite holiday, or at least my top three. In order of increasing adoration, my favorite holidays are:

4. Fourth of July!

3. Election Day

2. Alabama's first game of the season

1. Back-to-School

Really Alabama football and the first day of school shouldn't count as two separate days, since they often coincide or are at least close enough to seem to. Fourth of July I love because a) summer b) fireworks and fun colors and c) America (duh). Election Day is not technically a holiday in our country but it the culmination of years of hard campaigning and determines who some of our next great (and some of our mediocre) leaders are going to be. The very first day of school, however, just might be my favorite.

I love picking out my outfit for the first day (almost always some variation of plaid as a nod to the Catholic education I never actually had), organizing my new school supplies, and filling up my planner. As a professor, the fun is 100x though so are the nerves. When I was a child, I was always worried I wasn't smart enough to be in the new grade, and I was afraid my teachers would know. I worked very hard and always had a cheerful disposition, in part to compensate for my fear. Now I get anxious before my new classes, making sure I am fully prepared and hoping that this new group of students is as wonderful as the last. Just like when I was young, my concerns are usually unfounded and after the first-day jitters, I fall in love with school all over again.

This year brings new classes, new students, new challenges, and (hopefully at least a few) new surprises. I look forward to each one. I loved school so much I never left and, if the week are any indication, this year will be another exciting one for the books.

Happy back-to-school, y'all!

"Yeah--they're called doctors!" (a gem from Tommy Boy)

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