Best. Week. Ever.

When I was in college, VH1 had a show called "Best Week Ever." Honestly never watched it but we adopted it as a theme for Greek Week one year and my general understanding of the show is that it highlighted all the major events that occurred in the last five days. (I know, great assumption, but based on the title, wouldn't you guess that too?) Anyway, this is Indiana politics best. week. ever. (Said with pauses to emphasize its awesomeness.)

The last eight days have been a political whirl wind in the state of Indiana.

Just for a recap:

On Monday, our Democratic Senate candidate dropped out (Hill) just in time to be replaced by the man who originally vacated the post two terms ago (Byah).

On Tuesday, Donald Trump visited Westfield (just north of Indy) and was introduced at his rally by incumbent governor seeking a tight reelection bid, Mike Pence.

On Wednesday, Indy became ground zero for decision-making as a mechanical error forced Trump to stay in town all day, resulting in his prospective VP picks (GA former Congressman Newt Gingrich and AL Senator Jeff Sessions) to come to him at the Conrad.

On Thursday, speculation was rampant and a handful of unnamed, unconfirmed sources whispered that Pence was Trump's pick.

On Friday, Trump tweeted that he selected Pence as his running mate and withdrew his name from the gubernatorial race in the fall with an hour before the noon deadline; three others withdrew their names from the ballot, indicating their interest in the highest executive state office (Todd Rokita of the 4th Congressional District, Brooks of the 5th Congressional District, and Eric Holcomb, current Lt. Gov.); Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg insisted that he would not change his campaign strategy though his competition obviously will be changing.

All the excitement has kept me busy but regardless of what political party you support and what candidates you like, these 9th inning switch ups should make you very excited about the next few months up to the election. Happy Politics! :)

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