The Semester Highlights, Part. I

Initially, I envisioned writing an "end-of-the-semester" recap to chronicle all the highlights of our semester but as I scanned all my pictures that I have taken in the past few weeks, I decided to forgo my self-determined rule. Too many fun things have already occurred and if I wait until May, I might forget some of them! In the interest of reflecting on the awesome events and experiences we have enjoyed thus far, I give you:

The Semester Highlights, Part I.

In January....

(really, all year) The students, myself, and some of my colleagues have been watching the debates. We host "debate watching parties" where we all get together in the student center and discuss the debates as we watch them. It is so fulfilling to see students excited about politics and making connections from class material to what they hear and see in the campaigns. Obviously this has been a particularly entertaining presidential race, but regardless, it is wonderful to see students engaged and I love doing what I can to help them understand the powerful role they can play in politics.

In February...

I had the pleasure of introducing three of my students as the newest member's of the Indiana Eta chapter of Alpha Chi Honors Society. Our university also hosted the annual Fairbanks Symposium, organized by one of my colleague's, which focused on community arts. A group of my upper-level students attended the event and enjoyed learning more about how Indy and other cities engage their communities through arts projects. In addition, at the end of the month, a colleague and I presented a "How To" seminar for our students interested in post-undergraduate education. With the help of some of our amazing seniors (two pictured), we were able to gauge student interest and begin to plan programming that fits our students' needs/interests. I am going to be very emotional at graduation when we graduate a very special and remarkable class. (Coming up in April, a "Get to Know Your Candidates" talk with three of my colleagues in History and Political Science and then in May, commencement!)

In March...

A group of my students were interviewed by Channel 13 about their thoughts on the upcoming presidential election. They were engaged, articulate, and just did an outstanding job representing our department and school. I took an "action" shot as we prepared for the interview but if you would like to see the actual news piece, check it out here. We also hosted the Indiana Secretary of State, Connie Lawson, and our Congressional Representative, Andre Carson, in our classes (check that out here). It has already been a fantastic month and we aren't even half way through!

After a busy and exciting first half of the semester, I am looking forward to an even better second half! :)

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