The Iowa Caucuses: In 5 Sentences (or less)...

Okay, I may be a little dramatic. It isn't actually five sentences..though it is very close to that. As I stayed up late last night past my bed time (only for politics or football), I reflected on the big "take-a-ways" from the evening. Longterm, some of these will invariably matter more but, fresh off the victories, defeats, concessions, and withdrawls from last night, this is all you need to know about the Iowa Caucuses in five (or so) setences:

Photo credit: Stephanie Marquis @smmarquis on Instagram

Cruz’ grassroots campaigning and tireless promotion throughout the state of Iowa paid off in his victory over a crowded field of Republican candidates. In comparison to second-place Trump, who eschewed the traditional stumping campaign-style for a few larger scale productions, Cruz traveled up and down the state—a strategy that ultimately paid off.

Rubio’s strong third place finish (1.2% behind Trump) separated the top three Republican candidates from the rest of the field, with the top three each clenching over twice the support as the remaining candidates.

Before all the precincts were even reported, both O’Malley and Huckabee conceded their losses and suspended their campaigns. Given the paucity of votes a number of other contenders garnered last night, more candidates should be expected to drop out of the race in the coming weeks.

Clinton won by a slim 0.3%, carrying the older Democratic vote in comparison to Sanders, who appealed to younger voters in the party but failed to yield the turnout that led to Obama’s upset over Clinton in 2008. O’Malley’s decision to cease his campaign will likely have little impact on the other two Democratic frontrunners.

Photo Credit: Brooke Mickelson @brookemickelson on Instagram

So big question: what's going to happen in NH?

Stay tuned for next Tuesday, February 9th...

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