Disclaimer: This Blog Will (Probably) Not Help You Lose Those Last 10 Lbs.

Do most blogs have a disclaimer? Sure they do. Somewhere in small font (the trademark of every good obligatory disclaimer) buried deep on a page way back in the blog's history is a sentence that removes the writer's affiliations from liability and ensures the reader that the content and opinions are "all my own." That is the case here, but I consider my own unique preface arguably more important.*

* see below

I start and stop blogs like I do diets, as in, I start, I see minimal results, become disproportionately satisfied with myself, and then immediately stop and get distracted with life. This would explain why I am neither thin nor a (great) writer, at least by trade. I am an enthusiast however, of politics, football, sunshine, art, fashion and travel and felt compelled to try blogging yet again. Thus, I present to you, my (sort of) inaugural post.

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